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Ron Flavin has been launching and growing startup ventures since he was 21 years old. Through years of trial and error, he's learned what it takes to launch a successful small business and knows first-hand that success is possible regardless of background, circumstance or situation. While he was very successful, Ron realized that manufacturing and selling ‘stuff’ was not what he wanted to do with his life. Instead, he began to redirect his efforts towards using his skills and experience to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and be successful.
Besides helping his clients secure more than $200 million in funding, Ron has worked with and advised entrepreneurs across the United States and around the globe. He has engineered startups in the U.S., United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and South America and has helped entrepreneurs take their businesses from idea to global markets.


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Everything you need to launch, grow, and fund your business.
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Why should I buy this eCourse?
There is a ton of free content out there, so if you want something free, go for it. If you want a self-study program that shows you, step by step, how to create a business that makes money and attracts money, then this is perfect for you. I bring all my expertise and years of experience to the table so that you won’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve made but can actually learn from them to accelerate your process.

How long will it take me to complete?
The eCourse is 100% self-paced so that you are able to go through the content and learn the material as fast or slow as you'd like. You can save your progress, and the course units page keeps track of where you left off.


Frequently Asked Questions
Let us help you make your business ideas a reality.
"...Your work is unquestionably the clearest, most concise, and useful instructional grant resources that I have read. Before reading it, I thought: 'Why doesn’t someone just write a book that cuts through the fat and presents the brass tacks?' Fortunately, someone has. Thank you again. Please keep writing."
Shaun Culbreath
Esq., USTCP General Counsel
Beadles Group, Inc.
Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just someone with a great business idea, The New Business Blueprint is the latest 100% self-paced online course that will take you through all of the steps you need to take if you want to develop a rock solid business plan, acquire funding, and grow a successful business.
Learn the pros and cons of the different ways to register your business to create a framework for success.
Customer Discovery
and Validation

Find out exactly who needs and will benefit from your ideas and business concept.
Competitive Analysis
Conduct an in-depth analysis of the competitive climate to pinpoint and detect potential barriers to entry. 
Marketing Strategy
Develop and implement a foolproof marketing strategy to make sure you can reach your validated customer base.
Goals, Metrics & Milestones
Set goals, metrics, and milestones to meet  and exceed your market performance projections. 
Valuation Strategy
Break down the costs to start your business and learn how to communicate the true value of your business with the world. 
Management Capabilities
Strategize who will be guiding the ship, and who will be the key contributors.
The Business Plan
From writing an executive summary to the structure of successful business plans, learn how to pull all of the pieces together to craft a business plan funders care about. 
Funding Sources
Explore the diverse types of funding that your business is eligible for and I'll share the pros and cons of each. 
Here's What the Course Covers 
There's never been a better way to create a fundable, scalable business.
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Working through the steps in The New Business Blueprint will allow you to build, launch, and fund your new business.
Enroll in the Course Today and Get Instant Access to the Following Resources:
11 units of 100% self-paced
and mobile friendly content.

Our time-tested, step-by-step model to take your idea from concept to launch.

Exclusive material on how to fund your new business venture with free business grants.

A private Student Workbook that automatically saves your progress for you.

Business Concept Validation worksheets.
Real life stories and examples of
what works and what doesn't.

Downloadable resources, templates
and guides waiting for you in every unit.

Market Audit Analysis tools to test
your business idea.

A private Group Discussion Forum inside the course as well as our private LinkedIn Group outside of the course.

Animated videos found in every unit - you won't find these anywhere else!
If I sign up for the eCourse, how long do I have access?
Once you purchase the eCourse, you have  access for one year. I've designed the eCourse so that it  tracks your progress for you and you can go through the eCourse as often as you'd like. Inside the eCourse I also provide downloadable resources, worksheets, and real life examples. The eCourse includes a private group discussion, access to my private LinkedIn Group , and your own student workbook that automatically tracks and saves your progress for you. 
Who is the ideal learner for this eCourse?
Anyone who has a product or business idea but doesn't know where to start. Someone who doesn't know if their product idea or business concept is valid, or is afraid of making mistakes and failing. Or new entrepreneurs who are unsure of the steps they need to take to get their business off the ground and fear they lack the knowledge and experience to make the business a success.
The New Business Blueprint
Meet the Course Creator
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Purchase Today and Get Instant Access to...
► 11 units of exclusive content

► 100% self-paced and mobile friendly

► Private student 
that automatically saves your progress for you

► Private group discussion forum

► Downloadable resources and templates

► Access to my private LinkedIn Group

► Animated business concept videos
► A step-by-step approach so you can take your idea from concept to launch

► My insiders guide to acquire funding
► Business concept validation worksheets
► A market audit analysis to test the waters
► Real-world stories and examples of what works (and what doesn't)
What sets this course apart from other courses targeted towards entrepreneurs is my foundational approach.

A lot of entrepreneurs approach me with new ideas, great concepts, but don’t have a convincing business plan backed by solid research, and have difficulty articulating their ideas. They haven’t done enough
homework and lack some of the foundational principles that can make the difference between just a good idea, and one that goes from concept to funded.

My approach will guide you through the principles, and provide a solid plan for actionable steps today through validated projections into the future.
"For more than a year I struggled with how to get my business idea off the ground. I just never knew where to start. Ron's course set me on the right path and provided the guidance I needed every step of the way. A great investment with lots of useful resources that I know I'll use again and again."
Marco Castro
"One of the best business start-up 'how-to' courses I've ever seen. Nothing compares to the clear instruction, useful guidance and amount of tools Ron's course provides."


John Davis
The New Business Blueprint:
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success
New entrepreneurs are often unsure of the steps they need to take to get their business off the ground and question whether they have the skills and experience necessary to make their business a success.

That's where The New Business
Blueprint comes into play. When you enroll in this eCourse, you'll find answers to all of your questions, create a solid business foundation, gain a clear sense of direction, and create a fundable business plan. Enroll in this 100% self-paced eCourse, to get instant access to resources and tools every entrepreneur needs if they want to build a solid business foundation, create a fundable business plan, and launch a successful business.
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